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Medical Card

Approval for Medical Cards

We lost a customer today- a lady came in for an eye test, expecting to use her Medical Card, but the authorisation form had not been received by her from the HSE in Navan. She asked if she could pay privately and then be refunded when the Medical Card came to her- she had been told by one of the HSE staff that it was “on the way”.

Unfortunately we are not allowed to see medical card patients prior to authorisation- this seems like a silly rule in a situation such as this, but unfortunately it is a rule that the HSE strictly enforces, and is completely beyond our control. The fact that there is an approximate 8 week waiting list to have an application approved is also unfair- the HSE states that this should normally be authorised and returned within 28 days.

This situation is frustrating to the client, and also to us- she booked an appointment that she then did not attend, which leaves me time to write this when I should be working, and she then informed us that because of our refusal to break the rules she would go elsewhere. If there is someone in the area who does not follow the HSE rules, that is even more frustrating.

Coincidentally, we received another letter from the HSE this morning, once again stating that we are not allowed to test HSE clients before authorisation- a copy will be uploaded when I can get it scanned.

The original letter can be viewed here. The Memo received yesterday can be viewed here.

We have replied to the most recent letter to enquire why we cannot charge and refund at a later date- we will update if we receive a reply.

Medical Card Applications

Medical card holders, unfortunately the waiting time to have a Medical Card authorised for an eye examination remains ridiculously high! The wait was up to nine weeks at the end of 2011, but they may now be reducing- at the moment they seem to be taking 6 weeks or so. This is beyond our control, as is the fact that we are not allowed to see anyone under the scheme without an authorised application form.

You can try to contact the Optical Department in Railway Street, Navan to enquire as to the progress of your application-  (046) 9076432, best of luck with that- apparently they are often too busy to answer the phone these days.

And then- had someone in on Wednesday (22nd) who’s form was received in Navan on 17th February and authorised 3 days later!

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