Eye Problems

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There are so many eye problems, but fortunately most of them are very rare!

The links on the right give some insight into some eye diseases / conditions.

The definition of a disease is something that is not normal, so even dry eye could be termed a disease, though most people would reserve the term “disease” for something serious. Even cataract could be a disease- it is not normal for someone younger than 50 to have cataracts, but it is very common in the over 70s- almost a natural part of the ageing process. For this reason I struggled whether to call this page eye diseases, problems or conditions, but really the term can be used interchangeably.

We will  to add more information here as and when there is time to do so, but hopefully the topics covered may be of help or interest to someone.

Once again, apologies for the long texts, but there are literally books and books published on most of these topics.

If you have any queries or suggestions about a topic you would like to know more about, contact me.


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