This is a copy of the latest D502 Driving report required for a driving sight test. It is the latest one, but so was the last one that they released approximately 3 weeks ago, so get it while it is current, and I wouldn’t wait for the ink to dry for too long before you use it!

If you are going to print this, please note that most licencing authorities will not accept this on two separate sheets- you will need to print page2 and then turn it over to print page 3, unless you have a really fancy printer! Pages 1 and 4 are  information only, they do not require those pages.


Update!!! Oops, they have released another new form. This one requires page one and two to be printed on the same piece of paper.

Updated Eyesight Report D502 Form

And here is another newer “latest version”!

Newest Eyesight Report D502 Form

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