Contact Lenses

Many people have considered contact lenses, but decided that they are “not for me”. Some worry about the lenses touching their eyes, others think that they would not be able to get them in and out.

Modern contact lenses can be extremely comfortable, and there is little adaptation time to some- this is ideal for the occasional wearer, and so now many people only wear lenses for specific tasks, such as nights out and sports.

If you have ever thought contact lenses would not suit you, think again! Perhaps you have previously had problems with lenses because of solution reactions or lenses which dried out or maybe because of astigmatism you thought that it was not possible to wear lenses?

Parents- there is no hard lower age limit to contact lens wear- many people think that you must be 16 to start with contact lenses, but this is more due to the age of consent. As long as the child seems to be sensible, and has good hygiene, there is absolutley no reason that much younger people cannot successfully wear contact lenses, but there has to be a degree of parental supervision. Many studies have shown that young people are more stigmatised by spectacles that adults and there is peer pressure not to be different, contact lenses can have so many beneficial effects on particularly the young, in addition to the obvious benefits to adults.

Some modern lenses are extremely dehydration resistant, and are especially suited for those who’s eyes have a tendency to become dry with lenses, or perhaps those who work in front of a VDU, or in an air conditioned building.

Bifocal and progressive lenses are now available for the more “mature” wearers, to avoid the requirement of over spectacles for reading.

We can discuss with you the type of lens which would be most suitable for your needs, and in most cases we can arrange for you to try them first. If you decide to proceed, we will teach you how to get them in and out, how to look after them and suggest a wearing schedule which suits you.

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