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Friday – not going to happen for us?

I have just been out for a look around the lane. It is a strange situation – I can see tarmac in front of my car – and there is hardly any snow at that corner of the house, but down the driveway there is at least six inches. The lane to the main road is 6+ inches deep. I gave up after 50 metres, as I would probably have had a heart attack before being able to clear that much snow – no point to check much further (around the steepest part of the lane, on a tight corner).

I got new tyres on the car on Monday, but it is only a FWD car, so I do not think that I will be able to make it in tomorrow.

I will have a go in the morning, (I have a healthy and fit 16 year old lad stuck here!) but given the extension of the red status warning for Cavan and Monaghan, I doubt that I will make it.?

Serious apologies for anyone needing to collect spectacles, and the 10.00am appointment – a young 8 year old who was off school anyway – many local schools were going to be having a training day tomorrow.

Who knows! Maybe the wind will blow the snow away, like at the house, but I doubt it.

Sorry for the inconvenience, but at this stage I do reckon that the week is a complete write off?

Perhaps I should post a note if I AM there on Saturday?

If either of the Driving Sight Test appointments did manage to arrive Thursday evening, I am sorry we were not there – but it was a Status Red!

Excuses excuses?

Apologies – no way I could make it.


Closing Early Wednesday

In addition to not opening tomorrow, we are closing early today, Wednesday.

Apologies for any inconvenience caused.

Please take care in the bad weather.

Snow day – Thursday

Folks, we gave no idea what the weather is going to bring in the next few days. But Thursday seems to be look like it might be a difficult day. We will definitely be open today, but not so sure about tomorrow. Rarely does snow remain for long here, but with temperatures the way they are, it isn’t going to melt quickly!

I wrote this before setting off for work, and today I barely made it to the main Cavan – Bailieborough road. For tomorrow, yes, I could park on the main road and walk in the lane to the house, but given that all that remains booked and un-cancelled are two Driving Sight Tests, I do not think that the risk of damage to the car, or to me – a broken limb?? is worth the risk to stay on until 8.30 pm, when the weather is expected to be at its worst.

If anyone knows of someone who has a driving sight test booked with us tomorrow, would you please let them know? We should have taken contact details, but we omitted to do that – I think they were booked before we had heard of the “Beast from the East”, or Storm Emma.

B. Conlon and S. Rooney – If you see this, we need to reschedule!

I don’t like mentioning names, but I guess that they could deny if it was them, should they wish to? If you know a B or an S who might be looking to have a driving sight test with us, would you share this post, or let them know to look at it?

At this point, I don’t even know if we will be here on Friday – as an employer, I made the decision to tell Sandra not to attempt to travel tomorrow. She reckoned that (as she lives near me) I could give her a lift – I am happy to drive in snow and in previous snowy weather I have picked her up, but this time, I don’t want to take the chance – I don’t mind / quite like  snow and am happy to accept that I might mess up, which is fine for me, but not with someone else in the car… It is different if I know the snow will likely be gone by home time, but this time, it could be very bad going home?

It is hard to know what to do! Safety first has to be the way to go – we don’t get weather like this very often after all.

I will try to be here on Friday and I will give Thursday a go myself, but I think I may not make it in?

Please let any B or S you know about this post, thanks,





Our new secure https:// website

Folks, clients, customers, friends and any other visitors?

Google wants all websites to be served through a https:// connection, rather than an http://

https:// is a secure connection, which means that no-one can intercept the site you should see, and modify it to a different site. They could change adverts, (we don’t have any), or change links- why would they bother? Why exactly, but they do try – but, would you believe that this lowly site has rejected 359!! attacks on this site alone, this MONTH, so today! Websites are commodities to be stolen, and re-purposed!

This site was once hacked to host a fake French banking site, for an hour or so, 5 years ago. I had the issue fixed 2 minutes after Google advised me, – after all they told me the exact issue and I was already looking for the problem before Google was in touch, but the old host, took the site offline anyway, and on a Sunday, it took a few hours to come back. Not much fun using a very poor 3G connection on a caravan site in Connemara!

“Mega” site protection has been added since them, thus I know about the 359 failed attacks today!

We have moved to a new host, with (I hope) better customer support. Actually I KNOW the customer support is better! I am sad to have moved away from my host of 13 years, but, how many times can you accept being let down?

But still, for “your” protection, this site should now serve all of it’s content by secure https://

Google wants it, so it has to be…

Checking a website is difficult – it needs to be checked in every browser ever available, in every version – this is just not possible – often only the latest browser versions are available to download after all! If anyone sees any issues, please let us know.

However, if you are using Internet Explorer on Windows XP, please don’t – everything you are using is just way too out of date unfortunately. Our site will throw you errors, but they are not errors so much on out part, but your operating system -it was released on August 24th 2001. Microsoft stopped support and updates on April 8th 2014. IE 10 on Windows XP cannot deal with the version of the Certificate we are using, due to our using a shared server hosting plan.

It is 2018 now by the way!

Still it is our fault, for being cheap, but a “proper” certificate will cost a couple of too many hundred euro, and this works for everything apart from very old browsers, on very old operating systems.

But apart from XP IE users, please let us know!


Domain Changes, and DNS?

Due to issues with a domain and DNS  hosting change, we might have issues with out emails for 24 or so hours.

At the moment, anything going to is arriving, but the and are not, and apparently, so far, neither is the

DNS changes take time to propagate, so hopefully things will sort themselves out, without too much effort on my part, but if you get a bounced email, use the address and it will work….. Hopefully.

If these issues are not fixed by 1.00pm tomorrow, it will be a “fun day”. But meantime, use please!


If you need to contact us, just give us a call on 042 9694456. Telephones almost always work, unless Vodafone upgrades the line and removes the service. But that was a long time ago now! Oh how I can hold a grudge!




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