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World Glaucoma Week

Starting March 11th to 17th, it is World Glaucoma Week.
This is an annual event which tries to highlight the risks of Glaucoma, and giving advice on early detection- regular eye tests are key- it will not prevent someone developing Glaucoma, but the sooner it can be detected, the sooner it can be treated.

So…. Don’t Let Glaucoma darken your life…..

A Journey through the Human Eye

Glaucoma and Coffee

The latest news is that coffee drinkers may have an increase in risk of developing a particular type of Glaucoma. It isn’t necessarily the coffee, they suspect that caffeine, also found in energy drinks, fizzy drinks, and tea may be the culprit. There is evidence that Exfoliative Glaucoma is more likely in those with a high caffeine intake, though there may also be a genetic issue- not everyone with a high caffeine intake gets it.

Presenting at the 22nd American Glaucoma Society, researchers have stated that more investigation needs to be done to be certain, and for the moment are making no recommendations that people should cut caffeine intake to reduce the risk.

As a coffee drinker, who drinks too much and too strong, I’m off for a decaf.

Medical Card Applications

Medical card holders, unfortunately the waiting time to have a Medical Card authorised for an eye examination remains ridiculously high! The wait was up to nine weeks at the end of 2011, but they may now be reducing- at the moment they seem to be taking 6 weeks or so. This is beyond our control, as is the fact that we are not allowed to see anyone under the scheme without an authorised application form.

You can try to contact the Optical Department in Railway Street, Navan to enquire as to the progress of your application-  (046) 9076432, best of luck with that- apparently they are often too busy to answer the phone these days.

And then- had someone in on Wednesday (22nd) who’s form was received in Navan on 17th February and authorised 3 days later!

Vision Aid Overseas

We are pleased to accept used spectacles for the Vision Aid Overseas charity. The spectacles are checked and measured, and if suitable, bagged up and taken overseas. Volunteer optometrists who test the eyes of the local people may then give those spectacles to a very grateful person who would otherwise have had to live life with poor sight. The spectacles sent overseas all need to be of very good quality- there is no point in giving someone a pair which will fall apart in a few months! If you have any pairs of specs which are no longer used, please consider giving them to this extremely worthwhile cause.

Thanks, Ian

More information about Vision Aid Overseas and a link to their website here.

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