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An eye with Microbial Keratitis.

Microbial Keratitis – minimise your risk

A recent study has shown that the risks of Contact Lens related adverse effects are no lower in Silicone Hydrogel (SiH) contact lenses than in more traditional HEMA lower oxygen performance lenses. The study found that there may actually be an increase in adherence of bacteria on SiH lenses compared to HEMA.

SiH lenses are still better for the health of the eyes, because they allow so much more Oxygen through to the cornea, meaning that there are less restrictions in wear time than traditional soft lenses. Unfortunately most people do overwear HEMA lenses, which can cause changes in the cornea. Though many of these corneal changes are not permanent, and they are up to a point acceptable in a HEMA lens wearer, they are still undesirable.

Contact Lens wear is safe, but this study highlights the importance of always giving the contact lenses a rub and rinse before storing them in fresh solution overnight, and also reinforces the fact that sleeping in contact lenses, even occasionally, is riskier than not doing it.

The article can be read in full here, you may need to register or login to view it.

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Mind the Gap campaign

WarningIn Ireland approximately 10% of children up to the age of 12 require glasses or contact lenses, while more than 20% do so by the age of 16. There is no specific scheme in place for 12-16 year olds during these crucial years of change. When children reach 16 they can become eligible for support if their parent has a medical card. But this gap in eye care exists during this crucial time, when eye care problems for children double.

EyeZone opticians are launching a campaign calling on the government to close this gap in eye care services. This situation is unacceptable and EyeZone’s members are writing to the Minister for Health and HSE to address the issue immediately.

EyeZone Chairman Diarmuid Keane, said that under current services children are eligible for two State supported provided eye exams and some follow up treatments  up to the age of 12. After this there are no specific schemes for 12-16 year olds, when they reach 16 they can become eligible for supports if their parent has a medical card.

However, Diarmuid said that approximately 10% of children up to the age of 12 require glasses or contact lenses, while more than 20% do by the age of 16.

“The fact that the number wearing glass or contact lenses more than doubles between the ages of 12 and 16 highlights the critical importance of a well planned and dedicated scheme for this age group.

At present when a child finishes Primary School there is a lack of clarity and definition on what eye care services they can receive and this varies greatly across the country. We need a specific scheme to target this age group which is reliable and consistent countrywide.”

Excerpt from Eyezone’s website, read the article in full here.

McLeish Optometrists is not quite an Eyezone member at this time, but in the spirit of their campaign, we too will provide all eye tests for 12 to 16 year olds free of charge for the month of March – just mention this post.



Prize Draw

EmailOptometrists are required to remind patients when they are due for another eye test or contact lens review – time flies when you are having fun and it is easy to underestimate how long it has been since your last test.

Many eye diseases benefit from early detection, but unfortunately just because you feel you are seeing well (and maybe you are), it does not mean that your eyes are healthy- many eye problems will not affect clarity of vision until they are more advanced.

Until now, we have stuck to the traditional snail mail to send these reminders, but it would be simpler and cheaper to send these by email.

If you are a client of ours, we would like your email address- as an incentive to give it to us, we will enter all respondents into a draw-

The winner will receive;

  • Their next eye examination (and contact lens check if applicable) free of charge.
  • Their new spectacles reduced in price by the cost of their last pair. For example if your last pair from us were €250 we will give you €250 off your new pair. Minimum Prize €100- if you never purchased spectacles from us before, you will receive €100 credit!

To enter, submit your email address here. We also need your postal address and DOB, to be sure we add the email to the correct person. Your email address will ONLY be used to send the recall when you are next due a sight test, and also to advise you if you are the winner, so make sure it is correct! If you wish us to keep you up to date with offers and information (perhaps twice per year) there is also an opt-in radio check button.

If you fancy a second entry into the draw,  Like and Share this post on Facebook. If you are not currently a client of ours, Like and Share will enter you in the draw to win a free eye examination and €100 credit towards spectacles or contact lenses.

Prize is not transferable, no expiry date. Draw closes 3 months from date of publication, one winner drawn per month- an entry now gets three chances to win.

Good Luck!

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Driving Sight Tests AGAIN

rsa-logoThe RSA has now issued its guidance on their latest  requirements  for eye testing for licencing purposes, and they have basically reverted to the old standards, at least for young people who only require a Class 1 (Standard non-commercial) licence

The Road Safety Authority wrote to us in December 2010, advising us of new standards for driving sight tests. There were many issues with their new standards which meant that there had to be a long consultation process, but this now seems to have been resolved.

For the last two years, optometrists have done their best to conduct the driving sight tests as close to the RSA’s requirements as possible. In contrast many GPs, following their own professional body’s advice, continued to conduct the driving sight tests to the older standards.

Where there is any reason to doubt a person’s fitness to drive, due to age, cataracts, glaucoma or any other known condition, more tests will probably still need to be done.

At least for the young, this means that driving sight test will be less expensive, as they are much quicker to complete than before.

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