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Found – A pair of Varifocals

We had a client of ours drop in a pair of varifocal spectacles which she found around SuperValu in Bailieborough.

Neasa, who has a ridiculously good memory thinks that she may recognise the frame, but it may be because we put lenses into it, or perhaps it was in for a adjustment? I definitely do not think it is one of ours, and there are no markings on the side to identify the brand or model.

The lenses are Essilor Varifocals – Varilux Comfort type with a Crizal anti reflective coating.

We have no facility to try to work out whose they are from the prescription – our records system doesn’t work that way, neither does the manufacturer’s order history – we can search on date or Customer name, but not the prescription. They quite possibly did not come from us anyway. They could be a few years old, but are in pretty good condition. They were found in a case, but it has no optician’s name or owner’s name on it. There was a piece of paper inside with a four digit ? PIN number written down – hopefully he didn’t lose his wallet also!

If you lost a pair of spectacles, or you know someone who has, please pass this on.

A very painful eye

Killinkere MudVenture

A very painful eyeFolks, there was a “MudRun” in Killinkere this weekend, it seemed to be a huge success (and my son won, he reckons the under 18 category!?) But correct us if we are wrong there – I am not sure – he did win, but perhaps a different class?

Please be aware than many of the bacteria found in soil are not known to mankind – we know mostly about bugs that we so far know cause infections – these are the ones which we can grow on Agar plates in Petri dishes, in a laboratory- it has been estimated that there are billions more about which we know nothing – we do not know how to cultivate them! Probably this is a good thing?

Mud runs must be great fun if you are sporty – my son had a great time! We are not suggesting that mud runs are not a great source of fun and exercise, but I made sure that Niall took a spare pair of contact lenses, to be replaced immediately after the event – something he had not thought about. There are various reports also about people becoming sick, with gastrointestinal infections following mud runs, after accidentally swallowing contaminated water- that is up to your GP and nothing to do with us!

We are not in any way suggesting to not partake is such an event, but please be aware that if you wear contact lenses, you should remove them after the run, and probably bin them. Tap water is not safe for contact lenses, so muddy water, with unknown microbial contaminants, plus the abrasive risk of soil and/or grit getting underneath the lens, cannot be safe. One of the most significant contact lens risks is an amoeba, called Acanthamoeba, which can cause a very serious (sight threatening) eye infection and is endemic to water and soil in many countries, including Ireland. We recommend that no-one should shower/ bathe/ hot tub or swim in contact lenses. Mud runs were not on our (my) RADAR until very recently. Official guidance, I do not know, but it will probably be that you should not mud run in contact lenses? (It will probably be that you should MudRun wearing “closely fitting and well sealed swimming goggles!”)

Anyone who is going to take part in next years MudVenture can call to McLeish Optometrists – but give us notice first- to get some free daily disposable contact lenses for the run, to be thrown away afterwards!!! Though if you already wear daily disposables, take a spare pair, Niall!

There are not too many conditions, but you MUST be an existing wearer of contact lenses, and we WILL need a copy of the up to date contact lens prescription before supplying you! If it is not in date, we cannot supply.

If you are a client of ours, then happy days, no problems, assuming you have an up to date prescription!! All contact lens prescriptions vary  – please give us enough advance notice to get them in for you! There are monthly lens wearers, and others, who may not be suitable for any type of daily disposable, but we will do  our best, to sort out something… Even if it is not perfect, it should hopefully get you through the run.

Someone once told me than when you get to 40, each year lasts six months, but at my age I think they were exaggerating! Honestly the mud run was here before I knew it, but we will be more prepared next year!

Although this page references the Daily Mail, there are hundreds online with the same story, I am just too old to get it to you on time. Maybe next year??

I understand that the poor unfortunate lady in the article doesn’t even wear contacts!?

Brittany Williams of Dallas, Texas competed in a mud run two weeks ago, and woke up the day after to see the whole room was white, learning soon after that she was blind from flesh-eating bacteria.

Source: Brittany Williams left BLIND after catching flesh-eating bacteria on mud run | Daily Mail Online

Santa with a delivery van

Last call for contact lens orders.

Santa DeliveryChristmas is approaching at breakneck speed it seems. Every year we have a client or two who leaves their contact lens order too late to be delivered before the holidays. We do try to order lenses preemptively for our regular clients, but there are those who wear lenses infrequently, but more over the party season.

Don’t let it be you- call us today or order them here, now.

2015 Crizal Smudges

Crizal Offer ending in 4 days

2015-Crizal-DustPlease be aware that the Crizal Complimentary offer of a second pair of Crizal coated spectacle lenses ends in 4 days.

The promotion has been extended already – it has been a very successful campaign for Essilor, but I doubt that it will be extended again. I might be wrong though!

If you would like a second pair of Complementary Varilux Varifocals, or many other types of Crizal coated lenses, you have four days to order them!!


Abuse of staff members will not be tolerated!

Times are tight for all of us, given what has happened over the past few years, but there is absolutely, on no account, any reason, EVER to abuse staff in retail situations because of that!

Sandra in Kingscourt just had a “gentleman” in to collect his spectacles, a new pair of varifocals.

He had ordered them approximately 4 1/2 months ago, and called in many times initially to see if they were ready. As he had originally chosen to re-use his own frame, but later decided to get another frame of the same type – he was advised that there would be a delay of a week to ten days while we got the same frame ordered from the supplier. It did take a while longer than that as the frame was out of stock with the supplier.

When he was called to be advised of the new spectacles being ready, we did not see him for a number of months – unsurprising as his last pair took him over 18 months to collect.

He was advised at the time of ordering that the new MAR varifocals would be €140, a price I misquoted, as I cannot deduct 80 from 260 and get the correct answer!! (They should have been €180). But as I had misquoted the price, I advised Sandra that it was my mistake, and we would stick with that price. He had been offered a less expensive type of Varilux varifocal lenses, but chose to go with the type he was currently wearing, which is a better lens. Then he chose to go with a new frame, at a cost of an extra €15.

Today he called to collect his new spectacles, and gave Sandra a torrent of vile abuse, using the worst imaginable swear words, because he insisted that he had been quoted €140. Sandra is obviously not particularly sensitive to offensive language, and stood her ground, insisting that the price was €155. Good for her – she had already texted the “gent” to remind him of his uncollected spectacles on a few occasions, every time reminding him of the amount outstanding – she advised the gent that he had received an extra 40 euro discount because I was unable to subtract correctly, but still he abused her verbally, also refusing to sign his medical card form, and threatening to go elsewhere for his spectacles.

He did eventually throw the remaining money in her direction, sign the form and collect his glasses.

“I’ll will be back tomorrow if the spectacles are not perfect.”

If he returns tomorrow, he will be given a complete refund and told never to come back – there is no way anyone should have to put up with this degree of abuse, just for doing their job – it is unacceptable behaviour which will not be tolerated.

Spectacles are a “grudge” purchase – truth be told we all wish that we did not need them (I for one do!).

If you want them (and you don’t have to have them – you can live in a blurry world forever, or wear the completely scratched pair you complained you cannot see through – it won’t harm your eyes! ) And! I didn’t scratch them, did I? –  We advise everyone how to care for their lenses to avoid scratching.

If you wish to be able to see to do your job properly, then unfortunately you have to pay for your spectacles!


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