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I might be late to work tomorrow?

It is looking like it may be a slight “snow day” tomorrow?

Vicky and I were down in Beaumont hospital today and the roads were fairly white at the end of the dual carriageway to Virginia. That was at 6.00pm, but it has snowed a fair bit more in Killinkere? Traffic from the N3 to Bailieborough is very slow at the moment, but it is “early days”….

Just an FYI – If you intend to call to us tomorrow, please don’t call in at 10.00 am. It may, or may not cause me to be later than normal. If the snow is that bad – if I cannot get out of our lane, I’ll update in the morning. If that is the case I will also let you know when I do get there!

I’m on my own on Wednesdays, but as Sandra lives close by, on a bad day that is of little relevance to getting to work – if I can’t get there, neither will she.

Just in case……?

The forecast doesn’t seem too bad, but forecasting is predicting the future, which is difficult.

I will update if there are any problems – need some winter tyres!

I’ll update if there are issues….

Change of plans…..

The plan before the Christmas break was to move hosting providers, but because the “new” host messed me about for an entire month, there had to be a change of plan!

The new host was actually the host we had always had, though the web site was being served elsewhere. This meant that they were being paid for virtually nothing…..

A support request raised on December 4th was not answered sensibly until the 3rd of January.

This delay meant a different plan, not least the loss of custom for the host I was planning to return to, but as I am already paying them, and they left me hanging for nearly a month, “we” are taking up new roots, on a different server.  That was not the plan, and it was still sad to tell my current paid host that they had let me down so much that we were going elsewhere, but there was little choice.

This means that I had to “port” the site to the live version, without so many ways, ideally to check for errors that I would have hoped to have been able to.

If you see any glitches, mistakes or problems, please let us know at

I hope there will be few, if any, but the way this had to be done was not ideal, so there may be a few issues – let us know, and apologies for any inconvenience.


Screenshot 2017 03 12 20.57.08

It is that time of year, again!

We have closed for the past few years between Christmas and the New Year – mainly because, although we are able to order contact and spectacle lenses, we are unable to get to the delivery, which arrived at a local solicitor’s premises, which was closed until the New Year.

This year will be the same.

Often, during my “off work” time, I need to do a variety of things – one for this year will be to sort out the website. It is not broken, but there are many features which are now presenting problems with the site’s (NOT YOUR!) security.

If you notice any breakages on the site until 2018, please check back later – there are a good few things to be changed and adjusted, not least a hosting change, which could take a few hours to fully complete. Nothing should be a big deal – I will attempt to do most of the maintenance when you are asleep, but for those other insomniacs, who happen to arrive, my apologies!


Christmas Hours

A Christmas TreeThere are no Christmas and New Year opening hours – we will be closed until the New Year – reopening on January 3rd 2018!


Saturday 23rd December
Christmas Eve (Sunday 24th December)
Christmas Day
St Stephen’s Day
Wednesday 27th Dec
Thursday 28th December
Friday 29th December
Saturday 30th December
New Year’s Eve (31st December)
Monday 1st January
Tuesday 2nd January
Wednesday 3rd January
Rest of the Year

10.00am – 5.30pm
Business as usual!

Most often when we did open we would be doing repairs – “someone sat on my glasses”, “knocked off and stood on at the party”, etc. Or sitting around with nobody coming to see us at all! Very often those who did visit, we were unable to help as we were unable to source parts for the frames they purchased elsewhere.

Even if we could order parts, we could order them, but not get them much sooner than if they were ordered in the New Year – that is the way solicitors work, and though our courier service is mainly aimed at serving solicitors, if they are closed, we cannot access our deliveries.

But that is only a (reasonable) excuse?

The Christmas to New Year shutdown is the only time off I have been able to take in the past 6 years, so whilst I do apologise for the inconvenience, everyone needs a break? It IS good to be busy, but….

This time of year is the best time to have it – it is the “Most Wonderful Time of the Year” after all!?

In case of a significant emergency, please see this post…

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a Happy New Year – we hope to see you then!

Remember that many more folks are entitled to funded eye examinations under the PPS/ PRSI / Treatment Benefit scheme than ever before – including the self employed!

Christmas Card

Last chance…..

Our delivery mechanism, DX is now closed to us until the new year – we will not be able to get any more deliveries.

As far as we are aware, anyone that has anything outstanding awaiting collection has been told that as of 5.30pm Friday, we are gone for the Holidays, not back until the 3rd of January –


(I’m Scottish, and Scottish folks never work on the 2nd of  January it is the law ).

So please, please collect anything that you need before 5.30pm on Friday – Seeing as Monday is a “Bank Holiday” and we never open on the Saturday preceding one of those, Friday it is!


Have a great holiday, watch your eyes with those Champagne corks, and do not overwear your contact lenses!!


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