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CIBA DAILIES TOTAL1 product shot

DAILIES TOTAL 1 – Coming Soon

CIBA DAILIES TOTAL1 product shotDaily disposable contact lenses are very convenient- there is no cleaning required, and no need to carry cleaning solutions if going away. They are ideal for the occasional lens wearer because whenever they want to wear them have a brand new pair which can be inserted, and then thrown away after use. Many people wear daily disposable lenses on a daily basis because of the convenience and comfort they achieve.

However, many monthly replacement lenses are available in materials which transmit much more Oxygen to the eye during lens wear, so for the frequent wearer we would usually recommend monthly replacement Silicone Hydrogel lenses. Yes, you need to take them out and clean them (which takes less than 60 seconds), but they allow about 6 times more air through to the eye than traditional lenses, and usually work out cheaper than dailies.

Some clients are resistant to cleaning lenses, and prefer the convenience of the daily disposable lenses. Ciba/Alcon released a new Silicone Hydrogel daily disposable lens late in 2011, but only to trial in Nordic countries initially. The lenses are now becoming mainstream, and they are accepting preorders.

The Ciba Dailies TOTAL1 lenses are being termed a “Water Gradient” lens- they have a very high water content at the lens surface, which reduces further into the contact lens- this mean the surface is very soft (and comfortable), but the low water content in the bulk of the lens allows excellent oxygen transmission.

At launch the lenses are only available in minus powers, and not in torics. If you are currently wearing Focus Dailies All Day Comfort, of Focus Dailies Aquacomfort lenses and you would like to try these new contact lenses (when available), let us know here, and we will order you some free samples to trial.

Burning Eyes?

Dry Eyes

Burning Eyes?Dry Eyes are a common irritation to many people, mostly it is not a serious eye problem, but can be a seriously annoying eye problem!

Most cases of dry eye are evaporative- it isn’t that the eye cannot produce tears – if you can cry, or tear in the wind or when chopping an onion you don’t have an inability to produce tears, but many people have an issue with holding onto them.

Many clients have had great success with the MGDRx Eyebags, which unclog oil producing glands in the eyelids. Because the oil floats on the watery part of the tears, it keeps the air away from the water, thus reducing evaporation.

If you have gritty eyes, watery eyes, or find discomfort at the computer, in air conditioning or when the central heating is on more, why not try an EyeBag?

Unlike artificial tears, which can help to bulk up the natural moisture of the eyes, the EyeBag treats the cause of the problem, not just the effect, so though they may be more expensive that artificial tears in the short term, in the medium to longer term they work out favourably cost wise, with none of the hassle of repeated drop insertions.

Call in to pick one up!

Autofocus Spectacles

There is a new type of lens which may be an option for some people- autofocus glasses!

These spectacles are still a type of Progressive Addition Lens (PAL)- also called a varifocal, where the reading strength gradually increases toward the lower part of the lens, but there is a touch sensitive button on the side of the frame which can be used to switch on or off some of the reading strength, or they can be left in autofocus mode. Unlike a camera, which auto-focusses by assessing the image (usually by maximising image contrast), the spectacles adjust strength depending on head position – this is achieved by an LCD area in the lens which alters the power.

If a client requires an add for reading of +2.00D, the reading strength (the help you get to read) will be +2.00D when the focus is “on” and only +1.25D when set to “off”. This does mean that the distortion may be slightly less than a traditional PAL where all of the peripheral problems need to be dealt will at all times, but I would suggest that they would likely not be an option for anyone who has previously tried and failed to wear varifocals- you probably need a higher reading add than when you tried them before (as you are older now), which means that the strength in the “off” position may be similar to the ones you couldn’t adapt to.

The difference between the on and off add is always 0.75D. Perhaps in future the difference may be increased to give more options. The lenses must be glazed into a specific range of frames- the frames have control buttons and electronic parts used to control the focus, and therefore require batteries, but the range of frames I have seen do look fairly stylish. They come with their own charging point, and apparently will go approximately 3 days between charges- but probably best to charge them every night.

Estimated prices are 1200 to 1500 US$, so we do not expect to be inundated with requests any time soon! Euro prices will be advised when we know more.

More information can be found at the emPower website. (Link Broken! – See Comment Below)

Contact Lens Value Packs

After the good news a few months back- that the Ciba + Alcon merger had gone through, and they were going to start bundling a better solution (Opti-Free Puremoist) in the valuepacks, now the bad news! Ciba has informed us of new prices effective July 1st. They have increased the cost price of the valuepacks by approximately 20% and recently also doubled the carriage charges. We have had no price increase so far- since the new and increased VAT rate of 23% we have managed to keep our pricing the same, but we cannot unfortunately absorb such a significant increase as this.

If you need to order a valuepack soon, please order it NOW, to avoid this increase!

Ciba Alcon Promotional material showing an image of their products

Crizal Competition

The Crizal Competition (to win €10000) closes on April 30th. Get your entries in now- go to to enter now! It is actually not too late to enter either, but time is running out- if you need new spectacles anyway, why not have a chance of a windfall?

Good Luck

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