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Coronavirus – again!

We would like to reiterate some rules or requests, especially with the apparent increase in transmissibility of the new Omicron strain.

“Oh I forgot my mask, do I need it?” – Yes, yes you do! Unless you are medically exempt.

We would request that unless you need a carer that you come alone for your appointment – obvioulsy children need to be accompanied, but does the rest of the family need come as well? Of course you are only one household, but we are being exposed to multiple people who do not necessarily need to be here…

Husbands and Wives often like to attend for appointments one after the other, likely so she can supervise his purchases – understandable, but we can only test one of you at a time, so it would likely be safer for the other to wait in the car until it is their turn.

We have been operating on an appointment only basis – we were advised to do this, but we still have multiple people calling to the door for a browse or to make an appointment – if at all possible, could you ring us instead?

These requests are to try to minimise our exposure to clients and their exposure to us.

We appreciate your continued support and we do not want to appear obstructive in any way, but lately people have been letting their guard slip a bit?

Oh, one more request – we have been extremely busy of late – a good complaint, but we have had 3 no shows today already. We have a list of people wanting on a cancellation, but folks don’t cancel usually, they just don’t turn up, and then rebook when it suits them. Sometimes they apologise.

If you can’t make your appointment, please call us to let us know!

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