A change of plan – reopening Tuesday!

The Government, or the Department of the Taoiseach, have changed the advice on their level 5 living with Covid plan – Optometrists are now classified as essential workers. The department of Health is therefore changing its guidelines, meaning we are allowed to re-open.

Many opticians were remaining open anyway, on the basis that they supplied medical devices, which spectacles and contact lenses are- there is an exemption on that, but it was also stated later in the advice that Optician and Optometrists should only see people on an emergency basis. Those who planned to remain open may not have been breaking the law, but were perhaps not adhering to the spirit of the plan?

The Association of Optometrists has now received confirmation from the Department of the Taoiseach of these changes.

Because we are closed on the Saturday before a Bank Holiday Monday anyway, and this is now Thursday and the staff are thus far unaware of this development- we will reopen on Tuesday 27th. None of the staff here were pleased to be closed for 6 weeks, but I see that one of them already started their home remodeling plan last night – I’m sure a back to work on Tuesday will be a bit of a shock!

Apologies for the confusion on this one – we were only following the advice of our professional body.

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