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Who Knew!??

There is a recent study which found that Diabetics who drank more than 4 glasses of “diet soda” in a week had a significantly increased risk of Diabetic Retinopathy – the diabetic eye disease which can cause blindness.

The study found that diet soda drinkers had a doubling of the  likelihood of diabetic retinopathy, compared to non diet soda drinking diabetic peers.

Most everyone, me included, would have thought that sugar free drinks would be safer, but it seems that there may be other issues with diet sodas compared to naturally sweetened drinks.

There have always been mentions, and suggestions about diet drinks being bad for you, but there do seem to be other health issues, even in non diabetics associated with some artificial sweeteners. Some suggestions of cardiovascular issues?

As a fat bloke who honestly does prefer Diet Coke to Normal Coke, and even Coke Zero- which I assume is as bad, this is perturbing!

I do prefer the taste of Diet Coke over the other cola options, but maybe I need to just stop and drink water!

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