$37, well $27 if you click close.

On Sky News today there was another link below the article I was reading about a new revolutionary treatment for most every eye problem, ever.

It is a very long watch, and though the video on the page appears to be hosted on Youtube, there is no way to click through to Youtube, where there might be a way to jump ahead.

The Outback Vision Protocol explains why Australian Aboriginals have vision four times better than us. Given that the “Protocol” invented is 3 times more effective than might be achieved with the original outback ingredients, I reckon that this means 12 times better vision than any human has ever achieved??

Watch this soon, the “Optometry Industry” may “take it down” at any moment!

This obviously disproves the physics “lie” that any telescope or other optical system has a resolving power limited by a very simple formula (1.22 *Wavelength/Objective Diameter). The Airy Rayleigh equation is used to design telescopes the world over. Why didn’t those silly astrophysicists just drink a couple of Outback smoothies a day!!?

I am joking here – they only claim to be able to restore eyesight to “perfect” 20/20 vision. But If I have better than that, (OK with my glasses) how can the Aboriginal have 4 times better? And how can 20/20 be perfect when indigenous Australians can beat you every time?


This program can reverse potentially blinding conditions, such as macular degeneration, cataract and even Glaucoma. It will also eliminate black spots in vision and floaters.

I was interested in more information, and had my wallet out, especially as I was being offered a one off 10 dollar discount..

These daily smoothie blends can also shrink a myopic eye back to its correct size, enlarge a hyperopic eye and reshape an astigmatic eye. Quite how this works was not fully explained, well not explained at all. But it must work – read the testimonials.

The discoverer of this super smoothie is disgusted by the “Optometry industry”, as once again all Optometrists know the truth, and we are all hiding it from “you”. If we are hiding it, it is because we were trained that there was nothing to hide….

Someone came in, and I put my wallet away, but I reckon I would still be interested in what the pdf downloads were.

I think that there is NO WAY that you will be able to throw away your eyeglasses, even if they are just for reading after the suggested 21 days, and there is no way it could have fixed his wife’s 6 months to blindness condition, unless she was misdiagnosed.

However the antioxidants he mentions on the video are the components in most of the ocular health vitamins which optometrists would often recommend, or mention to patients. These anti oxidants do seem to have a protective effect on the retinal, especially macular health. But antioxidants may prevent AMD, they cannot reverse new blood vessel growth in Wet AMD. But prevention is better than cure.

But if you are myopic (short sighted) your eyeballs grew too big. If you are hyperopic (too small). Amazing that these smoothies can have the opposite effect on different eyes!

But a good diet is important to retinal health, so (perhaps) still, 27 bucks to make healthy smoothies is not so much of a rip off.

But I didn’t pay, and do not know the rest of the ingredients. But we do know what foods are high in antioxidants, and we all know that they are good for us…

I have come up with a new business plan, and I might sell it as a new preventative treatment for Glaucoma. I recently knocked up a new website, so another one is worth a shot. €49.99? Nah €149.99.

Only kidding, it would be unprofessional to try to do that. Yes – Optometrists do consider themselves professionals, but no-one else seems to, and they are easy to knock. Easier to knock than all of the faked Nasa moon landings, and the earth being curved – I had a quiet day today, and once you see a conspiracy theory or ten, you do think…

But it doesn’t make it true!

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