Glaucoma Suspects and Continuity of Care

Optic Nerve Haemorrhage at 4 to 5 O'Clock position

Optic Nerve Haemorrhage at 4 to 5 O’Clock position

I recently had a lady in who was last tested by us 7 years ago, but returned to us having visited an optician’s chain, twice apparently. Her last eye test was two years ago. She complained that her glasses were “never right”. Though they were not “not right enough” to complain, or have another eye test, until they broke.

She admitted that she was supposed to return to that optician’s after six months for a check up, but did not bother, and claimed to not remember why she should return.

One of her eyes showed classic signs of Glaucoma- she had a loss of optic nerve tissue in a specific area of the optic disc, and a flame shaped haemorrhage at the same place. Visual field testing was full- there seems to be no loss of vision in the eye which I suspect has a problem- this means that (IMHO) it has been detected early enough – flame shaped haemorrhages are incredibly suspect for glaucoma damage, and we will refer her on via the GP to see a specialist.

The Ophthalmologist specialist perhaps will not agree with me, but an optic nerve haemorrhage at an area of disc loss is very, very suggestive of Glaucomatous damage to the optic nerve. There were also other changes which were evident from the previous records, which also showed an increase in the cupping of the optic nerves – indicative of progressive (damaging) changes.

The Optic Nerve connects your eye to your brain, and is therefore rather important for your normal vision!

This elderly lady should have understood why returning in six months was required, it should have been explained in a way she understood, though perhaps it was and she just does not remember…..

Being a Glaucoma suspect is not the end of the world – it is an easily controllable eye problem. But first you must be diagnosed, and then controlled – slowly go blind, or put drops in the eyes at bed-time, maybe twice a day?

Hmmm – SLOWLY (AND PAINLESSLY) GO BLIND, or put drops in my eyes – I would rather not have to put drops in my eyes every day, but it is I think better that SLOWLY GOING BLIND!?!

My first suggestion, to most of my clients would be pick an optician, and stick with that optician – otherwise no-one will get to know your eyes!

This post is not “touting for business” – it is a suggestion that you should stick with the same Optometrist, the one who know your eyes and sight the best – the one who has your previous records!

My number two suggestion, which perhaps should be number one, is to regularly compare the vision from each eye individually, and call an Optometrist if there is any distortion or anomaly in either of the eyes.

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