Domain Changes, and DNS?

Due to issues with a domain and DNS  hosting change, we might have issues with out emails for 24 or so hours.

At the moment, anything going to is arriving, but the and are not, and apparently, so far, neither is the

DNS changes take time to propagate, so hopefully things will sort themselves out, without too much effort on my part, but if you get a bounced email, use the address and it will work….. Hopefully.

If these issues are not fixed by 1.00pm tomorrow, it will be a “fun day”. But meantime, use please!


If you need to contact us, just give us a call on 042 9694456. Telephones almost always work, unless Vodafone upgrades the line and removes the service. But that was a long time ago now! Oh how I can hold a grudge!




  1. Ian
    IanJanuary 31, 2018

    The emails are working again, the next job is go get the entire site over to https, to keep Google happy. I thought that we were there, but not according to Firefox. Chrome and IE seem ok, but not FF, for some reason.

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