Change of plans…..

The plan before the Christmas break was to move hosting providers, but because the “new” host messed me about for an entire month, there had to be a change of plan!

The new host was actually the host we had always had, though the web site was being served elsewhere. This meant that they were being paid for virtually nothing…..

A support request raised on December 4th was not answered sensibly until the 3rd of January.

This delay meant a different plan, not least the loss of custom for the host I was planning to return to, but as I am already paying them, and they left me hanging for nearly a month, “we” are taking up new roots, on a different server.  That was not the plan, and it was still sad to tell my current paid host that they had let me down so much that we were going elsewhere, but there was little choice.

This means that I had to “port” the site to the live version, without so many ways, ideally to check for errors that I would have hoped to have been able to.

If you see any glitches, mistakes or problems, please let us know at

I hope there will be few, if any, but the way this had to be done was not ideal, so there may be a few issues – let us know, and apologies for any inconvenience.


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