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24 07 2017 18 08 Office Lens

Bad news travels faster than good?

Just a quick note – when we were in our previous location in Bailieborough, opposite the Kingscourt Road, we had no end of people commenting that we were closing down. This was news to the staff and us at the time! The rumour started because the premises on the corner – the printer’s was closing down.

Eight years on… Boyle Sports has both units, but not relevant here.

A client recently commented that he had seen Peter Murtagh taking photographs of “our” premises, and asked if we were selling up?

There is now a For Sale sign on the second story window of our premises. But in smaller writing, underneath it does state “tenant not effected”. (Ejected???) Slight spelling mistake there – why don’t people who print signs have a spell checker?

The building is for sale – we do not own the building, and are unfortunately not in a position to purchase it at this time – I just checked my wallet, and nope, not enough cash there!

Hopefully things will continue on as they are – a new owner will purchase the property, and agree to let us stay, and we will not be affected, but there is always a possibility that a new owner may have other plans for the building.. This would likely cause a slight disruption to our service – we have moved before in Bailieborough, and it was a tough weekend, one I could do without repeating any time soon, but we could do it again, if we had to…

But the point of the post – We are NOT (NOT NOT) CLOSING!



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