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Pokemon Go (Away)

A Pokemon, but not the one we caught I think

Sandra in Kingscourt caught a Pokemon sitting in the middle of our Kingscourt premises earlier today. It was completely in the way, and anyone could have tripped over it! Luckily she ?caught it, (by throwing a ball at it a few times??) and it is now “gone”-  wherever one of them “goes” when they are “captured”. I guess she will need to train it, but I will have to advise her that she will not be getting overtime for doing that!

What is this latest craze? idiocy? I am too old to be interested, but I would rather Nintendo et al would prevent their POCkEt MONsters from coming in to us, as they could be a bit disruptive!

I will not be installing the app, but I will ask my Bailieborough stand-in receptionist (Grace – Neasa is off after her wedding) to do so, to ensure both premises are free from these little trip hazards.

Well, perhaps I might install it (just to have a look at what it is all about, you understand) – everyone else has after all?

  1. Ian
    IanJuly 20, 2016

    I’m on Level 5 “Gotta catch ‘Em all”

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