Stella & Dot

Stella & Dot

Welcoming you to Stella & Dot recently available in lovely Ireland.

A couple of American Ladies started this business in 2004 with their own ideas, drawings,and hand crafted over approx a year for each piece getting gems from Asia to provide sensational pieces for us to share.  Personally when I order something on-line, I’m always stunned by real jewelry when it arrives. A lot of pieces are versatile too. I ordered rose gold earrings for lady yesterday. 6 ways to wear. How clever is that. Necklaces are versatile also.  The business is available now in 6 countries. A lot of my UK friends are very excited as it is very well known there. The little parties I hold are so much fun. Can be tea afternoon to view and try on, or few vinos, whatever suits. Its a great little outlet for ladies who wish to work from home and have fun. Have some nights out booked but perhaps also some bigger events in The Bailie Hotel & Cabra Castle coming up. Over 50% of pieces are under 50 EURO.  Kids jewels also & so easy for gifts. Online delivery from 4-7 days.  I’d love, if interested you would have your first Stella & Dot evening with a few friends to be in there for the beautiful bling.


Bailie Hotel is 21st May at 7pm

Cabra Castle is 25th May at 7pm



Local eyecare for all the family

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