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In case of Emergency…

Eye and Sight threatening conditions can occur at any time, but fortunately most eye problems are not urgent in nature.

Optometrists in Ireland usually do not offer an out of hours service, because eye problems are rarely all that sudden in onset. However, at any time, but particularly over the Christmas Holidays, we will see people at irregular hours – I am aware that some issues cannot wait for our extended closing times over the Christmas holiday season.

If you have broken your spectacles, wear your spare pair. Don’t have spares? Doh!

If you have a seriously painful eye, and are a contact lens client of ours, please contact Ian on this numberIan’s mobile O83 8O8 O371 – there is no guarantee that my phone will be in coverage, but if you leave your name, number and a message I will get back to you, though if you are in significant pain, and have a red eye with a pus like discharge, I would suggest that you consider going straight to the Eye and Ear Hospital, or the Mater Casualty Department in Dublin- we would probably advise that you go there when we see you anyway! We are not legally allowed to prescribe drops to treat eye infections.

This advice would also be relevant to people with sudden loss of vision, extreme eye pain or (again) extreme light sensitivity – I will happily see you, but most of those issues will probably require (possibly) urgent onward referral to the hospitals.

Have a great holiday season, but please, remember to stay safe with your contact lenses!

Please remember,

  1. DO NOT SLEEP IN YOUR CONTACT LENSES (Unless we advised you that it is safe to do so, which is very very rare).
  2. Wash you hands before applying and removing lenses.
  3. Clean the lenses properly if they are not daily disposables, and always use fresh solution every night.

Have a look at our Contact Lens Dos and Don’ts here.


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I can’t believe how boring you all find Optometry!!

I'm an OptometristFor all the “interesting” posts I put on the website, the two most commonly viewed, and the two most viewed and commented upon on Facebook are “We found a handbag and Phone”, and “DO NOT ABUSE MY STAFF”.

Come on Folks! – Optometry is the most interesting thing ever- though statistics may state that the loss of smell is the loss of any sense most linked to suicide, I for one would rather die than go blind. That is just a personal thing.

I have an old, well same age as me, not the most close, school friend who is blind, (I don’t know why), and he seems to have a very happy and fulfilled life, but personally I cannot imagine living in his world. He wasn’t blind when I knew him, and understandably, I cannot FB him to ask why!

But yet, apart from the page “Pupil problems“, Oh and of course the /login page- multiple attempts to that one every day it seems, usually from computers in the Ukraine at the moment, the above two posts are the most popular ever!

I guess Optometry is only exciting to Optometrists?

It’s not sexy, but if you need us, we are here, and we could help save your sight.

It is like that facebook post with the tea shop’s pavement sign – “Sex Sells, unfortunately we only sell tea and coffee” spectacles and contact lenses! Perhaps you all should think of Optometrists primarily as people who save your eyesight and vision? I have never recommended a pair of spectacles to someone unless they have a problem that I am sure I can fix or improve with a correction.

Most people are entitled to an eye examination under their Medical Card or PRSI contributions, otherwise there is a charge. To book an appointment, or contact us, please go here.

P.S. If anyone wants to get me a Christmas present…….



Santa with a delivery van

Last call for contact lens orders.

Santa DeliveryChristmas is approaching at breakneck speed it seems. Every year we have a client or two who leaves their contact lens order too late to be delivered before the holidays. We do try to order lenses preemptively for our regular clients, but there are those who wear lenses infrequently, but more over the party season.

Don’t let it be you- call us today or order them here, now.

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