Abuse of staff members will not be tolerated!

Times are tight for all of us, given what has happened over the past few years, but there is absolutely, on no account, any reason, EVER to abuse staff in retail situations because of that!

Sandra in Kingscourt just had a “gentleman” in to collect his spectacles, a new pair of varifocals.

He had ordered them approximately 4 1/2 months ago, and called in many times initially to see if they were ready. As he had originally chosen to re-use his own frame, but later decided to get another frame of the same type – he was advised that there would be a delay of a week to ten days while we got the same frame ordered from the supplier. It did take a while longer than that as the frame was out of stock with the supplier.

When he was called to be advised of the new spectacles being ready, we did not see him for a number of months – unsurprising as his last pair took him over 18 months to collect.

He was advised at the time of ordering that the new MAR varifocals would be €140, a price I misquoted, as I cannot deduct 80 from 260 and get the correct answer!! (They should have been €180). But as I had misquoted the price, I advised Sandra that it was my mistake, and we would stick with that price. He had been offered a less expensive type of Varilux varifocal lenses, but chose to go with the type he was currently wearing, which is a better lens. Then he chose to go with a new frame, at a cost of an extra €15.

Today he called to collect his new spectacles, and gave Sandra a torrent of vile abuse, using the worst imaginable swear words, because he insisted that he had been quoted €140. Sandra is obviously not particularly sensitive to offensive language, and stood her ground, insisting that the price was €155. Good for her – she had already texted the “gent” to remind him of his uncollected spectacles on a few occasions, every time reminding him of the amount outstanding – she advised the gent that he had received an extra 40 euro discount because I was unable to subtract correctly, but still he abused her verbally, also refusing to sign his medical card form, and threatening to go elsewhere for his spectacles.

He did eventually throw the remaining money in her direction, sign the form and collect his glasses.

“I’ll will be back tomorrow if the spectacles are not perfect.”

If he returns tomorrow, he will be given a complete refund and told never to come back – there is no way anyone should have to put up with this degree of abuse, just for doing their job – it is unacceptable behaviour which will not be tolerated.

Spectacles are a “grudge” purchase – truth be told we all wish that we did not need them (I for one do!).

If you want them (and you don’t have to have them – you can live in a blurry world forever, or wear the completely scratched pair you complained you cannot see through – it won’t harm your eyes! ) And! I didn’t scratch them, did I? –  We advise everyone how to care for their lenses to avoid scratching.

If you wish to be able to see to do your job properly, then unfortunately you have to pay for your spectacles!


  1. Ian
    IanNovember 10, 2015

    Believe me, anyone who posted on Facebook that I should “name and shame” – sorely tempted, but we do have a certain degree of client confidentiality to uphold – imagine if anyone found our that he required Varifocals!

    To be fair to the man, he swears an awful lot at the best of times, but still I do not think that there is any excuse for his behaviour.

    “Get that C**T on the phone now! That C**T quoted me €140” Wasn’t too pleased when Sandra refused, stating that I was entitled to a day off as much as anyone. As it happened, as it often does, I was at work in Bailieborough, which she didn’t know at the time.

    We have a recall system to send patients/clients reminders that they are due another test, and he will not be getting a letter (though he didn’t get a letter after he took so long to collect the last time!)

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