Found- Phone and handbag

Photo of lock screenWe found a phone in a handbag behind our practice in Kingscourt.  Both were soaking- found Tuesday lunchtime and we assume it was there since the weekend. After drying it, the phone turns on, but a pattern lock prevents us finding the owner.

Someone in the area must recognise the ladies in this photo. Click the image or here for a larger view.

If you know who they are please ask them if any are missing a phone and bag.

If you can describe the bag and unlock the phone, please contact us to collect them.

Please share this with locals, especially Kingscourt folks.




  1. Ian
    IanJuly 22, 2015

    Many thanks to all who helped – we have been in touch with the owner who will have the bag and phone collected tomorrow.
    Thanks again, though my youngest daughter will be disappointed – when I took the phone home last night to charge it, and I told her I had found it, she thought she was getting it!!

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