Welcome Sandra

Sandra is our new frontline staff member for the Kingscourt branch- she has a strong history of customer service related positions, and we hope and expect that she will be a great asset to us and our Kingscourt clients.

Having said that, we would also like to caution that Optometry is a completely unique field, with its own rules, even its own language, and we would caution that it can take some time to get fully up to speed in such a different environment.

We would like to thank our Kingscourt clients in advance for any transitional hiccoughs which may arise – a staff member usually knows almost everything going on in their practice – for example the status of orders for spectacles and contact lenses without even needing to check – they just know these details, but obviously a new staff member cannot be expected to know everything going on in the transitional period, and there may be things that were supposed to be arranged/ordered/done that were not.

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