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Anyone missing a Bird?

A Bird

This bird is currently outside our Bailieborough Practice. It looks like an unusual pigeon to me, but I know nothing about birds.

It seems very tame, and has a yellow ring around one leg. It might be a wild bird, but if anyone is missing one, it is on Jim Johnson’s roof!

MGDRx Eyebag

Effective Evaporative Dry Eye Treatment

We have been recommending the MGD Rx Eyebags for a few years, as a safe and easy treatment for those (many) of our patients who suffer from evaporative dry eye. Most cases of Dry Eye are not caused by an inability to produce tears, but by a reduced ability to prevent them evaporating.

Sufferers can either put drops into their eyes 2, 3 maybe 4 or more times per day to try to alleviate the symptoms caused, or they can try to fix the problem by removing the cause, which is blocked glands in the eyelids. The Meibomian glands produce an oil which floats on the watery layer of the tears, keeping the air away, thus reducing evaporation.

A recent study has proven how effective these Eyebags are – finding that most found an improvement within a couple of weeks of use, and the improvement could last for 6 months or more – people who continued to use the Eyebag, albeit less frequently fared best.

We’ve been recommending these for years, but now there is proof published in the British Journal of Ophthalmology that they do work- many patients seem very sceptical about them. I can’t understand why so many people complain at every visit that their eyes are sore/dry/sandy/gritty/watery, but are unwilling to try such a simple device which could FIX THE PROBLEM!

The report can be read here – you may need to register and login to see it, but registration is free.

I V McLeish Logo

Welcome Sandra

Sandra is our new frontline staff member for the Kingscourt branch- she has a strong history of customer service related positions, and we hope and expect that she will be a great asset to us and our Kingscourt clients.

Having said that, we would also like to caution that Optometry is a completely unique field, with its own rules, even its own language, and we would caution that it can take some time to get fully up to speed in such a different environment.

We would like to thank our Kingscourt clients in advance for any transitional hiccoughs which may arise – a staff member usually knows almost everything going on in their practice – for example the status of orders for spectacles and contact lenses without even needing to check – they just know these details, but obviously a new staff member cannot be expected to know everything going on in the transitional period, and there may be things that were supposed to be arranged/ordered/done that were not.

Goodbye Amanda

After being with us in Kingscourt for over 7 years, Amanda advised us last month that she wished to leave. She will be greatly missed by Ian, Neasa and Vicky.

Vicky and Ian would like to thank her for her brilliant service over the past years, but we understand that things change, and people sometimes feel the need to move on.

We wish her the very best for her future.

Cartoon dog with an Easter egg

Happy Easter

Cartoon dog with an Easter egg
McLeish Optometrists would like to wish all our clients a very Happy Easter!

We will be closing today for the weekend at the Holy Hour at 3.00pm and, as usual for a Bank Holiday weekend, we will be back on Tuesday at 10.00am



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