Sligo Cataract Scheme

Excellent news in the past few days- it seems that the very successful cataract shared care scheme which has been running in Sligo and the surrounding area may soon be extended to Cavan. This scheme is a streamlined service, where your first visit will be for Biometry- working out what intra ocular lens power will be required. Your second visit will be for surgery, and assuming that there are no complications, that will be you- follow up appointments will be done with your local optometrist who will keep the hospital informed of the outcome, and any potential issues.

This scheme would be good for us too- at the moment we have to refer people early, because there is such a long waiting list- we need them treated before they are seriously disadvantaged by the cloudy lenses, which for a driver can often mean a referral before we really feel it is necessary- on the assumption that it will be bad enough when they are eventually seen. There is only a very short waiting list for this treatment in the Sligo area- the last person I saw, who herself requested she be referred to Sligo was back 6 weeks from the date of referral, seeking another eye test as recommended by the surgeon- job done in 6 weeks. That is how it should be!

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