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You get what you pay for.

I recently had a young chap in Kingscourt, enquiring about contact lenses. He did not require an eye exam as he had been recently tested elsewhere, and we contacted this optician to request a copy of the prescription. They faxed us a copy of his entire record card.

His entire record card had his prescription printed on it- I believe it was printed onto the record card before the optician got it- it was probably acquired with an autorefractor.

The only information written on the card was his visual acuity – how well he could see – with the (probably autorefractor) result, and one other piece of handwritten information – “routine test”.

It is sad to see that any professional would consider this to be an adequate eye examination- there was no questioning (or at least no record of questioning) about the lad’s general health, previous history with his eyes or problems that he, or the family may have. Legally, if it isn’t written down, it was not done!

There were apparently no tests such as eye control status- he has a squint and a lazy eye that was not recorded, and there was no record of any examination into the health of the inside of his eyes.

Unfortunately, eye exams done properly take time, and if your business is based on volume of spectacles sold, it is imperative to do as many tests as possible, and maybe more in a day.

You get what you pay for.

Had another one the other day, blank except for the information written “lazy Right eye”. It happens that it was the left eye that was lazy.

To be fair, the patient may have given the optometrist the wrong information, but equally, how long would it have taken to amend this?

At McLeish Optometrists we take 40 minutes to do an eye test. If you go elsewhere you may not have such a long test

A retinal photograph of a healthy eye

Irish failing to get eyes tested

A recent survey by Behaviours and Attitudes interviewed 1000 people on behalf of the Healthy Eyes Campaign.

They found that 21% of the Irish population had never had a sight test, in the under 35s this figure rose to 36%.

The vast majority who had never had their eyes tested believed that they had 20/20 vision!

The survey also found that half of the Irish population have not had their eyes tested in the last 2 years.

The Federation of Ophthalmic and Dispensing Opticians (FODO) Ireland’s head of policy was quoted in Optometry Today, an Optometry Journal – “I was taken aback to discover that 21% of the Irish population has never had a sight test at all. Half of all sight loss is avoidable but without proper education and regular sight testing Ireland could be heading for a public health crisis.”

Most people are entitled to eye tests at no charge under either the HSE Medical Card scheme or through PRSI Optical Benefit….

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