Halloween Dangers

Laser CherubMy family and I went to the Virginia Pumpkin Festival on Sunday afternoon, all the kids enjoyed the parade and the fireworks afterwards. It was good early evening family fun.

I was less happy about being opposite a couple of little “cherubs”, perhaps no more than 10 years old, at least 2 of which had laser pointers, and were indiscriminately pointing them at the performers, each other, and everyone else around. I personally got a blinding eyeful not long after we chose our spot. The lasers they were playing with were the red version at least, which are less damaging to eyes than the green and blue ones available. I am unaware of any permanent harm to myself, but were they not across two barriers and a parade…..

We swiftly moved to another spot, but parents – someone is going to get seriously damaged. Do not buy your child a laser pointer – they are for presentations only, not for Halloween.

What’s done is done, but a quick mention – Halloween isn’t over yet.

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Local eyecare for all the family

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