Halloween Again

It is Halloween again – maybe it is time to hire that special costume from the fancy dress shop. If they can sell you contact lenses to finish off your costume, unless you can supply a prescription for that exact type of lens (and even if you can, unless their sale is personally supervised by a registered Optometrist or Doctor) THEY ARE BREAKING THE LAW!

There is a hire shop in Navan that flouts the law by claiming that the contact lenses are governed by the E.U. cosmetics law, which is incorrect – there is no such cosmetics law governing contact lenses – they are either misinformed, or they are lying – either way they are not allowed to supply contact lenses.

They are breaking a law which was implemented because it is dangerous to wear contact lenses which are incorrectly fitted to your eyes and because they did not teach you how to care for the lenses and how to safely apply them and remove them from your eyes.

Remember that after a few drinks, it may be more difficult to get those lenses out that you initially expected, you should not sleep in them, and you should not overwear them, particularly on your first wear.

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