Microbial Keratitis – Again

There is a Facebook page called DangerInContactLenses, highlighting, obviously the danger in contact lenses. The lady who set up the page had a very unfortunate experience with soft contact lenses, which caused her to be in hospital for many weeks, and eventually, after 22 operations she had to have one of her eyes removed.

An outcome like this is the worst case scenario possible, but it is up to each individual contact lens wearer to minimise their risk.

Always wash and thoroughly dry your hands before applying and removing contact lenses, and whenever possible before touching them at any other time.

Use the solutions recommended by your eye care practitioner, and use them properly. Do not reuse contact lens solutions- the case must be emptied each and every morning and allowed to air dry. Even if the solution you use says that it is a “No Rub” formula, rub them!!! A ten second rub and rinse will reduce the contamination on the lens one hundred thousand fold, meaning that the solution has less microbes to deal with overnight.

Never use tap water with contact lenses, it is not clean enough. For the same reason, swimming, hot tubs, baths and showers should be done without contact lenses.

There have been studies investigating the efficacy of contact lens solutions against various types of microbes, and some do perform better than others- that is why we would always recommend Alcon solutions, as there has never been any question marks hanging over this brand.

It is as well to point out that own brand solutions, be they from the supermarket or elsewhere, will advise that they were manufactured by, or for the chain. But who actually manufactures the solution??

Contact Lenses are safe, but care is required.

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