Radiation therapy treatment for Wet AMD

Recent trials studying the effect of radiation therapy on the macular area show promise as another method of treating neovascular (Wet) Age Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). The two methods which have been looked at differ significantly in the way they deliver the radiation.
The method which hit the news in the last few weeks uses the IRay machine, a low voltage xray machine which delivers xrays to the macular area through three beams which are shone into the eye through the lower sclera (white of the eye). One of the first studies from Mexico reported that over 12 months, patients treated by this method required less anti vegF injections than the control group. This could mean that treating AMD may be cheaper in the future, and hopefully therefore treatment may become more widely available.
More information on the AMD treatments are available on this page, and the Mexico study mentioned is available to read here. (You will need to login or register (free) to see it.

Update – that link no longer works, but if you are interested there is an article here about the safety and efficiency of the treatment. Again, you might need to login or register to read it.

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