Post Laser Myopic Regression

Microkeratome in UseA study recently published has shown that it may be possible to reduce or eliminate myopic regression after LASIK and perhaps other types of laser surgery.

The study has probably created more questions than answers, but it did show that they were able to reduce myopic regression using Timolol 0.5% drops.

The study was conducted to investigate one of the theories on the cause of post Laser myopic progression- the theory was that because laser refractive surgery thins and weakens the cornea, perhaps the pressure in the eye causes the cornea to bulge. Their theory was that by reducing the Intra Ocular Pressure using the Timolol drops that the cornea might bulge less.

The study did find a reduction in regression using the drops for up to 6 months after the surgery and also that 6 months later the refractive error remained stable- they think that the reduction in IOP may allow the cornea time to heal and strengthen without bulging.

Further investigations are required- would other IOP lowering drops also work? They also need to repeat a study like this, but actually make measurements of the front and back curves of the cornea to see if they remain more stable than those which are not treated.

The full article “Timolol to Treat Myopic Regression After LASIK”  is available on Medscape. (You may be required to login or register to see the article.)

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