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Burning Eyes?

Dry Eyes

Burning Eyes?Dry Eyes are a common irritation to many people, mostly it is not a serious eye problem, but can be a seriously annoying eye problem!

Most cases of dry eye are evaporative- it isn’t that the eye cannot produce tears – if you can cry, or tear in the wind or when chopping an onion you don’t have an inability to produce tears, but many people have an issue with holding onto them.

Many clients have had great success with the MGDRx Eyebags, which unclog oil producing glands in the eyelids. Because the oil floats on the watery part of the tears, it keeps the air away from the water, thus reducing evaporation.

If you have gritty eyes, watery eyes, or find discomfort at the computer, in air conditioning or when the central heating is on more, why not try an EyeBag?

Unlike artificial tears, which can help to bulk up the natural moisture of the eyes, the EyeBag treats the cause of the problem, not just the effect, so though they may be more expensive that artificial tears in the short term, in the medium to longer term they work out favourably cost wise, with none of the hassle of repeated drop insertions.

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