UV – Protect the Children

Sunlight ThreatUltraViolet “light” causes cataracts – that is a fact.

This UV radiation exposure is actually worse for those (like us) who live in temperate climates, than those in hotter places- Australians, Americans and South Africans for example know about the risk of UV damage to skin and eyes, and protect themselves and their children routinely. But we don’t perceive being outdoors as being such a threat, and take little or no precautions, except on the brightest and most sunny days. Remember the saying “you can burn on a cloudy day”, that is because the UV comes through the clouds which are opaque to VISIBLE light- the UV risk is all day, every day!

UV damage to the eye is cumulative, and adds up over a lifetime, but here is the bad news- most people get 80% of their UV exposure by the age of 16- children play outside, walk to school or the bus, cycle, sent out for school breaks. Adults maybe go home to car to office to car to home.

This post explains that all children should have UV protective eyewear on at all times they are exposed to UV. Parents- you may not be around for the children to thank you when they are 70, but it will make a difference. UV protective lenses can be tinted like sunglasses or clear (UV is not light, so they eye doesn’t see it, and cutting it out will not darken the lens).

As a parent I understand that nobody wants their children to have to wear glasses, but if it is only temporary (outdoors), and obviously such a benefit- cut their lifetime exposure to UV by 80%.

Local eyecare for all the family

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