Changes to Contact Lens Valuepacks

From today, CibaVision will no longer be supplying SoloCare multipurpose solution in their valuepacks. Because of the recent merger with Alcon, they will now be supplying a new solution called OptiFree PureMoist. Most clients should find this solution at least as good as SoloCare, and because it does not contain a certain chemical (PolyHexaMethylBiguanide also called PHMB and PolyHexanide), which most contact lens care solutions do, it is less likely than most to cause any irritation. This is great news- I have been awaiting this announcement since the merger completed last year.

There will be 3 cases, 2x300ml and 1x90ml travel bottle of PureMoist included alongside the contact lenses in the 3 month Valuepack.

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