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AMD development could be halted, study concludes.

Researchers in Dublin have identified a part of the immune system involved in the development of Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD), which when controlled could halt progression of the condition. They found that controlling the level of “inflammasome” IL18, progression of AMD from the dry to the wet form can be prevented. IL18 apprears to have an anti-angiogenic factor, which prevents the formation of new blood vessels, the problem in Wet AMD.

If the levels of IL18 could be controlled, or even augmented, in the retinas of patients with Dry AMD, the researchers reckon that it could prevent progression to the Wet type, “leading to an exciting new prospect for a novel therapy for AMD”.

The full article is available in the journal Nature Medicine.

As ever, research continues.

Crizal Competition

The Crizal Competition (to win €10000) closes on April 30th. Get your entries in now- go to to enter now! It is actually not too late to enter either, but time is running out- if you need new spectacles anyway, why not have a chance of a windfall?

Good Luck

Crizal UV Protective Lenses

Crizal UV protection

Now available Crizal Forte UV and Optifog with Crizal UV- increased UV protection

How does it work?  Exclusive Backside UV Protection

All lenses prevent transmission of UV rays hitting the front side of the lens. However, up until now, even the best eyeglasses did not protect against the remaining danger of the UV rays coming from the back and side of the lens, which can represent up to 50% of damaging UV light.

Crizal Forte UV combines for the first time an exclusive backside UV protection with Crizal’s superior clarity of vision. Thanks to Essilor’s new Broad Spectrum Technology, the thickness of each nanometric layer constituting anti-reflective coating applied to the backside of the lens has been optimized to virtually eliminate UV light reflection into the eyes, while maintaining perfect transparency of the lens.

Changes to Contact Lens Valuepacks

From today, CibaVision will no longer be supplying SoloCare multipurpose solution in their valuepacks. Because of the recent merger with Alcon, they will now be supplying a new solution called OptiFree PureMoist. Most clients should find this solution at least as good as SoloCare, and because it does not contain a certain chemical (PolyHexaMethylBiguanide also called PHMB and PolyHexanide), which most contact lens care solutions do, it is less likely than most to cause any irritation. This is great news- I have been awaiting this announcement since the merger completed last year.

There will be 3 cases, 2x300ml and 1x90ml travel bottle of PureMoist included alongside the contact lenses in the 3 month Valuepack.

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