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Tired of your spectacles steaming up when you Open the dishwasher? Go indoors in the winter? Open a pan on the stove? Exercise?

You get the message, spectacles steaming up is a pain!

Released in January of this year, OptiFog coated lenses from Essilor very impressively eliminate this problem. They really do make a difference- they require about a weekly rub with a special solution which activates the coating, and from then on they hardly steam up at all. If you were to go into a very warm place from a very cold place- into the pub in the evening for example, they may mist very temporarily, but not so much that the wearer would notice, definitely no more removing the spectacles and waving them around until they warm up and demist!

Optifog is available on any and all Essilor Prescription lenses- thinned down, bifocals, varifocals, but is not yet available on the stock range.

And no, unfortunately the activator solution will not introduce this property to your current spectacles, except for a minute or so until it evaporates.

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