Sunglasses are important to ensure comfortable vision in bright conditions, but also importantly give virtually 100% protection from U.V. radiation, which has long been suspected (and is now proven) to cause cataracts.

Call in and see our wide range of sunglasses-

We currently have in stock Emporio & Giorgio Armani, D&G, Miss Sixty, Replay, Roberto Cavalli, Gant, Gucci, Timberland, Versus, Safilo Glamour, Versace, Calvin Klein, RayBan, Pierre Cardin and Nautica, many of which can be glazed with your prescription lenses if required.

Whether custom made to your prescription, or worn with the standard plano lenses, all of the sunglasses we stock offer adequate UV protection- meeting or exceeding all required standards.

Local eyecare for all the family

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