Complimentary Crizal Lens Conditions

2015 Crizal Smudges

2015-Crizal-Dust2015-Crizal-UVThe conditions of the Crizal complimentary second pair offer are fairly simple – you buy a second pair of frames and the lenses are fully complimentary.

If ordering Crizal single vision lenses, you will be entitled to a complimentary second pair of Crizal coated Orma single vision lenses in the same prescription, tinted if desired.

If ordering Crizal coated bifocals, you will be entitled to a Crizal coated second pair of either distance or reading lenses,  in Orma plastic, which can be tinted if desired.

If ordering Crizal Coated Varilux lenses, you will be offered a complimentary pair of Crizal Orma (standard plastic) Varilux Liberty. These can be tinted as sunglasses if desired.

We must avail of this offer when the first pair is ordered – both pairs must be ordered using a voucher code, so we must inform the supplier at initial ordering that we wish to order the second pair.

If the second lens type does not suit you – for example if you require thinned down lenses, we can order any other lens and will receive, and therefore offer them to you at a 50% discount. The highest priced pair must be the first ordered pair.

Tints are full tints only – no graduated tints, and are only available in a limited range of colours and depths.

Offer ends 30th November 2015.

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