Medical Card Waiting List

The medical card waiting list in the North East (to have an eye examination application authorised by the HSE in Navan) has now, we understand, reached 12 weeks! This is completely beyond our control, as is the fact that we cannot see you UNTIL THE FORM IS AUTHORISED.

We are receiving many telephone complaints that the form was sent weeks ago, and still it has not been returned. We have as much problems as everyone else trying to contact the office in Navan, and they really cannot talk about your application to us- if you wish to try to contact them, their number is 046  9076432. They may answer the phone in the morning, if you are lucky.

We recently received a letter from the HSE, reiterating that patients must not be seen until they are authorised. The letter also states that “It is intended that such application will be approved or rejected within one month” !!!

If you wish to read the letter, a copy can be downloaded here.

(You will need a pdf reader to open it)


Local eyecare for all the family

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